The Challenge

- Effectively engage the sought audience to attend the event and participate in the diverse functions, panels and workshops.
- Undertake the planning, development and delivery of the full scope in record time and limited budget.
- Ensure efficient contingency measures given the outdoor location of the event in rainy weather

The Solution

- Create a remarkable event motto and visual device as the driver of all event look and feel and communication tools.
- Launch an internal campaign in the RTA and actively engage the audience in this happening.
- Deliver a fully cohesive “Knowledge and Innovation environment” and cover all influential touch points accordingly

The Result

- Delivered the most influential experience in the RTA Headquarters in Dubai.
- Audience actively engaged in registering their attendance and participating in the diverse functions, workshops and activities.
- Solidified the RTA’s position among Governmental entities specifically after the full feature in the RTA’s monthly publication

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