Saudi Arabia

The Challenge

Simply create the most stunning spectacle yet seen in the Kingdom for the opening of the spectacular King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

To give 85,000 enthusiastic spectators the opening show they deserved.

The Solution

Created a truly immense and breath taking inauguration, bringing to life a super complex production of vast scale, all in record time.

Managed the complete spectrum of integrated disciplines and delivered a fully-immersive 360° experience of mesmerizing multimedia effects, light, sound, spectacular fireworks and state-of-the-art technology.

The Results

New benchmark was set by the event in technical achievement and in capturing imaginations, delivering a rich emotional experience, carrying the aspirations of the people symbolized and climaxed through the dramatic scenes of the boy presenting to the King and creating lasting memories for those fortunate to be there.

The event became the conversation of the Kingdom with imagery and coverage flooding and dominating every media channel. For digital and social achieving over 1.4 million views on You Tube and over 1 billion tweets.